Sword and Scarab is a Middle Eastern Dance Troupe created by Katrina Scott and Kim Hoover to promote the Art and Culture of Middle Eastern Dance through Public Education and Awareness.
 Let us dance at your next event!

We are available for:

Professional Dance Performances
 International Festivals
Lecture Demonstrations
Women Study Groups
Middle Eastern/History/Literature/Art/ Study Groups
Community Events


Sword and Scarab is the only Middle Eastern Dance Troupe in Rochester that creates and utilizes its own choreography.  The choreography is rooted in and reflected from specific traditional dances of the Middle East as well as non-traditional fusion styles. 

Under the artistic direction of Kalilah & Kamira, the Sword and Scarab dance troupe performs a variety of dances, such as:

Folkloric/Beledi (Raks Shaabi/Raks Baladi)
American Tribal ⟐ Egyptian Oriental (Raks Sharqi) ⟐ Turkish Oriental (Danse Tansi)
 African ⟐ Cane (Raks Assaya) ⟐ Sword ⟐ Water Jug (Raks Balas)
Candle (Pharonic) ⟐ Veil ⟐ Fusion

We believe this beautiful Ancient Dance form should be presented with truth and clarity. Sword and Scarab strives to create and keep a positive environment in which all dancers may come together.  We foster the spirit of friendship, humility and respect for each other. We encourage artistic ability with an open mind and heart for all.  For all those who come together, we wish them to have the ability to reach the greatest potential within themselves and in our communities.